In the post below you are going to find out what can cause kidney stones in your body.


People may get kidney stones for a number of reasons, some easier to identify than others. Kidney stones can occur due to your diet, genetics, lifestyle and many other contributing factors. When you know the likely cause of this uncomfortable condition, it can make it simpler to get rid of it. To help you understand kidney stones better, we’ll be covering some of the factors that frequently cause them.

The more moderate temperatures and humidity climates have a lower incidence of kidney stones. This is merely a correlation that has a statistical basis, so nothing is set in stone about this.

A person who is always borderline dehydrated, though, is at a higher risk for this condition. You should never let yourself get to the point where you feel extremely thirsty before you drink water. Family history and significantly overweight conditions will also increase your chances. In some cases, kidney stones are not caused by calcium but by uric acid. When there’s a large quantity of uric acid in the urine, this kind of stone can occur. If you are dehydrated or eat a high protein diet, you have a greater than average chance of developing this kind of kidney stone.

If you’ve ever had gout, you are especially at risk for uric acid stones. Type 2 diabetes is another common risk factor for this type of kidney stones. These are some of the factors that can make kidney stones of this type more likely, so if any of these apply to you, pay attention to your diet and ask your doctor for advice on how to minimize your risk.

Kidney stones are more likely to occur in patients with metabolic problems like having a thyroid imbalance or Cushing’s syndrome. The Parathyroid glands regulates calcium in your body, so if you have an imbalance with this gland, such as hyperparathyroidism, you may have a problem with calcium stones.

Cushing’s syndrome is what happens when your body has an abundance of the hormone cortisol. Medication is given to people who suffer from this condition so that they can control it. You can also treat it via surgery, which can help you prevent complications like kidney stones.

In conclusion, kidney stones have many causes, and doctors aren’t always sure what causes them in all cases. Many of the factors that help you reduce the risk of kidney stones, such as drinking more water and eating a healthy diet are a matter of common sense, but some people develop this condition for no obvious reasons. We’ve looked at some of the common causes of kidney stones in this article, and if you think you may suffer from this problem you should seek medical advice.

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