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In this post I will share with you some very important information on kidney stones and their symptoms that you must know. Enjoy!

Kidney Stones are a prevalent disorder nowadays, and they may produce a wide variety of symptoms. The types of symptoms you experience will depend on the size, location and type of stones that you have. So let’s examine some of the symptoms of this condition to make it easier to recognize it.

Nausea and vomiting are one of the most Common Symptoms of Kidney stones. Even if you experience these symptoms you could be suffering from some other condition with the same symptoms. A couple of other symptoms you may experience with kidney stones include low back pain, goring pain, abdominal pain as well as nausea and vomiting.

There are of course over the counter remedies for the nausea symptoms or others that are more natural such as ginger, but you must also consider treating the stones themselves too. If you want to avoid more serious complications you should have your doctor confirm that your symptoms are the result of kidney stones before you try to treat them with over the counter medications.

Blood in the urine is a symptom that sometimes occurs with kidney stones. Any noticeable change in the color of urine should be looked into. Urine that’s consistently yellow or has an orange tint suggests dehydration, which often accompanies kidney stones and is always a sign you need more fluids. Whether it indicates kidney stones or another problem, blood in the urine should always has to be taken seriously and diagnosed professionally.

Usually, If you have kidney stones that cause bleeding, you’ll also experience other symptoms as well, such as pain when urinating or spasms of pain in the lower back or abdomen. If you have such serious symptoms, see your doctor as soon as possible -in severe cases, an ambulance or emergency room may be necessary.

The situation with determining the problem is not as easy when it happens in women. Pain and signs of kidney stones share similar features with menstrual pain, and that is where the inaccuracies come from. Also, other existing medical problems such as ovarian cysts can contribute to the misdiagnosis, as well. If at any time you experience severe pain, then it is time to contact your doctor.

As you can see kidney stones can present in a number of ways. Your physician can help determine the best course of treatment for your kidney stones once he/she has determined what type is affecting you. If your kidney stones are not large there are some natural and homeopathic remedies for them that have been effective. if you don’t pay close attention to the symptoms of kidney stones they will get worse.

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