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In this post you are going to find several tips on how to choose the right treatments for kidney stones. Enjoy!


When you have kidney stones, you obviously want to find the most effective treatment to get rid of them. Your doctor may recommend certain medical procedures if you have large kidney stones, but there are many effective home treatments that work well for smaller stones.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the available options for treating your kidney stones at home. While combining several approaches can be effective, you need to be careful when mixing drugs and herbs, so always check with your doctor to ensure the combination is safe.

There are certain medical procedures that can be performed if you have extremely large or painful kidney stones. One type of surgery is ureteroscopy in which a thin tube is inserted into the urinary tract so the kidney stones can be broken up or removed.

Another option is called ESWL, which uses shock waves to break up kidney stones. When the stones are too large to be removed any other way, open surgery may be recommended. To perform this operation, the surgeon makes an incision in your side to remove the stones.

But these procedures are only for stones that are too large to be passed on their own. They may also be recommended if you have an infection that can cause serious complications if the stones are left alone.

Applying warmth can be soothing when you have kidney stones. Taking a warm bath can be relaxing and can help reduce the pain. If you add bath salts or aromatherapy oils to your baths will increase their effectiveness as well as provide you with more relaxation. When you have kidney stones, it’s a good idea to take at least two warm baths every day. You can also apply heating pads to the painful region. Apply the heat to the lower back or to the front of your body, where ever you have the most discomfort.

A high number of people who take vitamins and supplements think Vitamin C is some kind of cure-all, although when it comes to kidney stones you should regulate this vitamin. While it can be valuable to eat proper fruits or drink fruit juices that have quite a bit of Vitamin C in them, taking in monstrous amounts of this vitamin can actually be destructive, on account of the body altering Vitamin C into oxalate, which sets off calcium build up that can shape kidney stones.

This doesn’t mean that you should agonize over any amounts of Vitamin C you take in, as you require a precise amount, nevertheless if you do have kidney stones don’t take any Vitamin C supplements, on account that these supply you with quite a few times the recommended daily allowance.

When you have kidney stones, your first priority is to control the pain but you also need to focus on getting rid of them as quickly as possible and prevent them from coming back.

Some of the treatments we’ve discussed here can be used as long term strategies to improve your health, especially in regard to your kidneys. So drink enough water, get regular exercise, and eat a natural diet because this can help you avoid getting kidney stones.

I hope that these tips on how to choose the right treatments for kidney stones will be useful for you. If you ask me, I will personally recommend taking a look at The Kidney Stone Removal Report book in case you are looking for a natural solution for your kidney stones problem.
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