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In this post I will try to answer the question what are the symptoms of kidney stones that you need to be aware of? Have a pleasant reading!

The symptoms of kidney stones will depend on the type you have, their size and location, and many other factors. Large and painful stones require medical attention, while smaller ones can often pass harmlessly out of your system without much trouble. What follows are some typical symptoms of kidney stones, though, as we’ve mentioned, individual cases can vary quite a bit.

Medical tests may be necessary to know for sure if you have kidney stones, especially if they aren’t large enough to produce painful symptoms. Some people don’t realize they have this problem until their doctor performs a urine analysis or other test.

Urine tests that you can do on yourself, such as pH tests are not advisable, as kidney stones of different varieties will affect your pH differently, and this isn’t the only condition that may alter your pH. Kidney stones can be most easily detected if your doctor does an abdominal radiograph, which produces an x-ray of that part of your body. Your doctor can advise you regarding what tests should be done to verify whether or not you have kidney stones.

Simply treating the symptoms of kidney stones is a different issue than treating the kidney stones themselves. You can of course try Tylenol or other pain relievers to ease the pain but you should seek medical attention if the pain is severe.

Regardless of the treatment prescribed by your physician it’s important that you keep up your strength and stay hydrated by eating well and drinking plenty of fluids. Although many symptoms are easily controlled with over the counter pain relievers your physician may recommend a prescription pain medication for the more severe symptoms.

You should realize that kidney stones can create symptoms in many areas of the body, depending on where they’re located. This pain can present in the low back, abdomen or groin areas of your body too.

Because the symptoms are rarely the same for two people it’s difficult to rely on the advice of others as to their symptoms. No matter where the pain is, if it’s bad you need to see a doctor ASAP for treatment possibilities.

As you can see from this information kidney stones don’t have just one symptom there are many. As soon as your doctor has determined the severity and location or type of stones you are experiencing they will then work on creating the treatment plan that’s right for you and your stones. Some types of smaller kidney stones have seen great results with home remedy type treatment. You should never ignore the symptoms of kidney stones, as they’ll only get worse if you do nothing.

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